Saturday, March 13, 2010

Thrivable Collaboration with All Stakeholders

My dear old friend and ally Jean Russell of Thrivable has outdone herself in curating a fabulous collection of moving essays on building a thrivable world. The list of contributors is awe inspiring - I am really humbled to be among them. I LOVE that my contribution is in the Actions section of the book.

Jean and I are also collaborating on creating a guide to tools for social enterprise collaboration online. We call about once a week to touch base on the project's development, and worked together face to face on it (during stolen hours) over the course of the Unconference for Social Entrepreneurs in Portland in February.

Within coming weeks, we'll be surveying social enterpreneurs and launching some discussions about what the guide should contain to be useful. You can be sure we plan to include as many tools as we can that enhance collaboration with all stakeholders.

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