Evolutionizing Impact

At Evolutionize It we believe in the value of bottom up collaborative development, based on community co-created solutions and ideas. We believe everyone's got the potential to be a changemaker, and that potential is best tapped when people learn to innovate and work together with others, for change they all understand and believe in. 

Our role at Evolutionize It is not to take credit for achieving our ambitions, but to facilitate, support and guide groups of people with the will to make change happen in working with each other and with a world full of resources, to do that.

We seek a world where there are the freedoms, skills and tools to co-create local and global change, and where accountability in development aid, charity donations and funding for progress is first and foremost to the communities it seeks to benefit. Receiving is giving is receiving, and asking for help from the world brings dignified progress to the lives of people on this planet who need it most. Organizational agendas and top-down paper plans take a back seat to human voices, meaningful impact, and locally owned progress with global input. 

The Evolutionize It legal structure enables our collaborators to do the collaborative impact-generating work with communities that we are each called to do. In doing so, we listen. We facilitate dialogue. We invite and uplift the voices of the people directly impacted, in deciding for themselves what their communities need. When it's useful, we connect them with people like you, who we think might be able and willing to help. 

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