Evolutionizing Collaboration

Evolutionize It listens and learns about the challenges faced by groups, communities and changemakers in working together for change. We then work to nurture the co-creative skills, experiences and collaborative systems that can make meaningful participatory change happen from the bottom up.

Below is an evolving roundup of collaborative changemaking initiatives supported by Evolutionize It collaborators since our founding in 2010.

Pigletsforprogress.org - Evolutionize It is guiding a citizens' initiative in Chiang Mai, Thailand, which is now raising funds on behalf of Burmese refugees living at a garbage dump. The funds raised will support the village headmen's idea to expand community pig rearing activities.

Vijana Reloaded Community - Evolutionize It collaborator Alycia De Kraa is using the Oasis Game to mobilise a community in partnership with International Child Support and ProPortion Foundation to co-create and develop a new social business concept "Vijana Reloaded" that will equip motivated youth in Kenya, both high school graduates and drop-outs, with ICT skills linked to market demand.

Ci2iglobal.com - In 2011, Evolutionize It curated an international working group to collaborate in establishing a support institution for the professional space of people who are catalyzing change around the world through collaborative methods.  Nurtured by Evolutionize It, the group has continued to evolutionize the concept into Ci2iglobal.com - the Co-creative Impact and Innovation Institute.

New Life in Africa book - Evolutionize It is collaborating with the New LiA community to co-create a collection of voices from a stone quarry in Kampala, Uganda, which has been home to 10,000 people displaced by Joseph Kony's rebel war in Northern Uganda. The finished book will support the group's collaborative plan for moving their families back home.

Ashoka Changemaker's Week: In 2011, Evolutionize It designed and implemented the interactive facilitation approach for the Ashoka Changemaker's Campus in Paris, recruiting a world class team of 25 international facilitators to guide over 50 collaborative learning and action-oriented sessions with 1000 movers and shakers in changemaking from across europe and around the world.

Connecting Social Innovation 2010 (#cosi10) - One of the core social enterprise models under construction at Evolutionize It in 2010, was development of a replicable series of financially viable "webbed events," designed to facilitate collaborative strategy-building between social entrepreneurs. Building on the Social Entrepreneur Unconference held in Portland, Oregon in February 2010, Cosi10 convened simultaneous changemaker events in 4 countries, connected through the interactive platform at ned.com.

Micro-Success @HubBrussels was a collaborative learning and support group designed and facilitated by Evolutionize It for eight start-up social entrepreneurs that convened monthly for 6 months in 2010.