Friday, December 2, 2011

HUB 2.0 Leadership @HUBBrussels - Open Conversation on 8 December

As a member of the HUB Brussels Board, I was thrilled to send the following message to the HUB Brussels community and careholder mailing lists today, knowing that tremendous progress has been made in the past few weeks in finding constructive pathways through the complexities of our HUB's current profound redefinition. You'll see it re-posted on the HUB Brussels blog next week. (I've taken out the email addresses, so please feel free to connect around this via twitter @HUBBrussels if you'd like to join us.)

Hub Brussels is looking for new leadership: You're invited

Open conversation, 8 December 2011, 17h -18h30

Dear Hub members and careholders, dear friends,

We celebrate our 2nd birthday at la Chocolaterie tomorrow, knowing that 2012 will be a decisive year towards Hub Brussels 2.0: a new space, new leadership and new ambitions. There has been a lot of work over the past weeks to find the energy, fresh blood and brilliant ideas Hub Brussels needs now, to bring it to the next level.

Hub Members Bieke van Dijk and Marie-Gabrielle Amadieu have stepped up and engaged with many of you to accelerate the process of finding new leaders for Hub Brussels. This effort has the full support of the Board and the "old" co-founders in this process. Several of you have signalled to be ready to take on more engagement and ownership and that's great because we need an inspired new breed of kick-ass social entrepreneurs!

To create some space for a conversation about rejuvenating leadership and ownership of the Hub, you're invited to join us for an

        Open conversation on 8 December, from 17.00- 18.30, at Hub Brussels,

to talk about the current state of the Hub, the plans for 2012, transition to the new Hub space, our roles (old co-founders, members, operational team, careholders, emerging new leaders, Hub network) and how each of us can engage in this process. We will also talk about the kind of people and qualities we are looking for, to fill gaps in the new team of HUB2.0 leadership talents that’s emerging.

In these times of chaos and uncertainty, a space for creating opportunities to make this world a better place is needed more than ever. This space is called the Hub. Together with the global HUB network, we’re on the cutting edge of innovation in how people connect for building a better world, and we count on you to be a part of our continued changes in Brussels.

We look forward to seeing you on 8 December (please confirm by replying to @HUBBrussels on Twitter) and please contact us beforehand if you have comments and ideas, at the Hub fair tomorrow (3 December) or elsewhere.  

Hugs from the Hub, 

For Board, team and co-founders
Alexander Riedl, Christina Jordan