About Us

Evolutionize It, ASBL is a Belgian based social enterprise founded in 2010, that facilitates collaboration in the local and global social change space. In a world where everyone can be a changemaker our members are collaborators for change at diverse levels of global society
  • We work for organizations and institutions in guiding collaborative processes.
  • We lead interactive sessions at corporate and non-profit events.
  • We design and host collaboration events for people working in the social change space.

With income Evolutionize It earns from any of the above, we pay part of our collaborators' expenses in working pro-bono, with specific global communities in crisis that they have on-going relationships with.

The Evolutionize It legal structure is a vehicle that empowers our collaborators to work with these communities in developing their own project plans, and raising funds, selling products, or receiving grants. When it's helpful, we try to help amplify their voices globally, through online channels.

In our online initiatives, we evolutionize impact by nurturing shared global experiences that generate meaningful impact in peoples' lives at every level of a project or campaign's story.

In the world we seek to be a part of evolutionizing, receiving is giving is receiving, and asking for help from the world brings dignified progress to the lives of people on this planet who need it most.

Evolutionize It's collaborators currently include:

Christina Jordan
Founding Collaborator, Board member since 2010
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  • American, resident in Belgium
  • 10+ years social enterprise/community facilitation experience in Africa
  • Ashoka Fellow (2001)
  • 25 years experience in International Development
  • Specialized in online community engagement
Alycia Lee - de Kraa
Collaborator, Executive Board Administrator since 2012
  • American, resident in Belgium
  • 20+ years of international social enterprise and community development 
  • Experiential facilitator and community engager (e.g. Oasis Game, Pro-Action Cafe)
  • Freelance and independent consultant
Walter DeSchepper
Executive Board Member since 2010
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  • Belgian, resident in Belgium
  • Freelance project & investment consultant
  • MBA in economics
  • Specialized in: Investment planning in Europe and developing countries
David Ewaku
Board Member since 2010
  • Ugandan, resident in the UK 
  • Graduated Lawyer (Uganda); CPA specialized in Network Security (current pursuit in the UK)
  • co-visionary behind internet4change project concepts
  • Board member, Life in Africa Foundation - Uganda (2002 - 2008); Life in Africa USA (2010 -)
Christelle van Ham
Collaborator, Board Member since 2012
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  • French, resident in Paris
  • Social enterprise consultant
Ola Nilsson
Collaborator since 2012
  • Swede, resident in Sweden
  • Creative social innovator of international social justice and equality
  • 9 years of process facilitator experience