Wednesday, March 17, 2010

#4change Twitter Chat: How Social Media Can Enhance Events

I've recently joined the collaborative crew behind #4change, a monthly global chat on Twitter that discusses a variety of issues related to social media and social change. The #4change chat has been happening every month since early 2009, and was originally initiated by Tom Dawkins, the Social Media Strategist at Ashoka. I have participated actively in the past, but this week will be my first opportunity to co-host a #4change chat. I'm looking forward to it!

The following is cross-posted from the #4change blog:

In the wake of South by Southwest in Austin, and in anticipation of some exciting social media and social change gatherings coming up on the 2010 events calendar, we thought it could be useful to explore How Social Media Can Enhance Events as the topic for the March #4change chat.

I’m excited! Not only is this a topic that I personally want to learn more about, but it’s going to be my first time as part of the #4change collective to co-host a chat, together with Tom Dawkins (@tomjd). #Gratitude in advance for your patience, as I find the right groove!

Some pre-chat food for thought:

My new Mac’s thesaurus offers several alternative terms we could use instead of enhance:
enhance (verb) increase, add to, intensify, heighten, magnify, amplify, inflate, strengthen, build up, supplement, augment, boost, raise, lift, elevate, exalt; improve, enrich, complement.

Most of us would probably agree that social media indeed can enhance offline events, but does it always? For whom? The thesaurus also tells me the antonym to enhance is diminish. Can social media also diminish offline events?

There are so many tools we can use to try and enhance offline events. What we hope to explore in Thursday’s chat is how.

#4Change March Chat Questions:

  1. What’s the potential benefit of using social media to cover events? For whom?
  2. What makes a good events coverage strategy?
  3. Are there examples of specific events that really did the social media piece well?
  4. Which Social Media tools are best suited for covering live events?
  5. How does online reporting affect the experience of participants at an event.
  6. Is it possible to imagine online participants actually engaging in offline events remotely through social media, or will there always be a disconnect?
  7. How can the continuation of conversations held at live events best be continued online? Is it realistic or unrealistic to expect that they will?
Join the Twitter chat:

If you want to contribute to the conversation, you’ll need to have a twitter account (it’s free).
  • To follow the conversation (whether you are planning to contribute or not), use or another application to search on Twitter for #4Change
  • Jump in to the conversation by adding #4Change to your Twitter message
  • Feeling brave? Check out TweetChat – it’s a great application that integrates with your Twitter account and makes chats more fun! You can turn it off after the chat.
  • Please introduce yourself in 1 tweet at the start or when you join in

Date: March, 18th 2010
When: 2 – 4 pm US Pacific Time, 5 – 7 pm US Eastern Time, 9pm – 11pm London, UK (NOTE: check your local time carefully, as the US changed to daylight savings time earlier this week)
Where: Twitter (search for #4Change)
Topic: How Social Media Can Enhance Events

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