Saturday, March 6, 2010

Learning about Social Enterprise collaboration

2010 is a year for learning about engaging social enterprises in collaboration, both locally and globally.

To that end, Evolutionize It is currently engaged as a facilitator and participant in a 2 part experiment called Micro-Success, and is participating in various roles (convener/presenter/participant) in a number of offline and online collaboration events.

The costs and/or any possible direct income which may come from these activities will be reflected in the Evolutionize It accounts. Need to think through developing a total budget for the year.

  • Micro-Success

The first part of the experiment is offline January - June at HubBrussels (Belgium), and involves 8 social entrepreneurs with projects developed to varying degrees in a structured monthly dialogue about their successes and challenges in achieving minigoals they establish each month.

The second part of the 2010 Micro-Success experiment will take place online, July - December, and is being partially defined through the offline experience. It's likely that the online experiment may attempt to coordinate collaboration between social enterprise start-ups toward a commonly defined campaign, that also helps each of them to achieve one or more of their own project objectives. To share any thoughts, please join in the Micro-Success Experiment discussion.

  • Offline Collaboration Events

Events around the topic of collaboration that I am probably attending/presenting or organizing at in 2010 include, so far:
  • Feb 05-08: Unconference for Social Entrepreneurs (Portland, Oregon)
  • Mar 26-28: Ashoka Support Network gathering (Lille, France)
  • Apr 14-16: Oxford Jam (UK)
  • Jun 25-27: Maybe NetSquared Local Camp (Paris)
  • Jun 28-30: Maybe Ashoka Fellow gathering (Provence, France)
  • Jul ??-??: possible replication of unconference for Social Entrepreneurs (current discussions include potential partners in Brussels, Denver, Portland, Uganda)

  • Online Collaboration Events

In preparation for guiding online collaborative events and endeavours in the future, I am also participating in the following online activities.
  • Monthly: co-host of the #4change chat on Twitter (2nd thursday of each month)
  • Mar - Jun: - a 10 week game/crash-course in saving the world from the World Bank (free to play)
  • Jun 05-06: Virtual Open Space collaboration, with Radical Inclusion (participating in event planning team)

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