Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Notes from #OxfordJam on new trends in #4change events

The following are my notes from the breakout session on new trends in social enterprise events that happened during the Oxford Jam Sector Skills Swap, facilitated by Cliff Prior from Unltd. UK.

New trends in #4change events

Tracey: 13th street theater

idea - social enterprise musical
socents listed in profile
donate part of proceeds to socents
themes in story

Christina: Evolutionize It

Global unconferences
webbed for impact
more news soon

Sharifa: lien center of social innovation (singapore)

focus in on an issue (migration)
planted actors in audience & lunchtimes who posed as migrant workers
audience: mix of entrepreneurs and academics
divided audience into upper/middle/lower class wrt food served
built roleplaying into conference
audience preferred lower class

Kate: Coin street (own & manage 13 acre transformed site)

Master classes
shared experience plus - peer learning events
based around skills required to transform asset based orgs

Dave: social entrepreneurs in health / nurse entrepreneurs

how to compromise btwn participation shaped events and more structured events that cover (by mandate from companies sending people) specific events
benefit/challenges of integrating sociual media

Sean - workshops for social entrpreneurs
how do you get the right people at an event?

@DaveDawes 2 best #socent events Voice & Shine

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